15 Apt Quotes To Make 2017 A Better Year…

My Musings / Sunday, December 25th, 2016

Everyone is writing about what to do in this coming year. People are making plans, promises, resolutions and what not. But many like me aren’t doing any of this because we know that making lists won’t help. All we need is a little push and confidence to make things happens. Something bad might happen this year with us, we’ll be faced with challenges we never expected, we may not have the opportunity to travel, we may spend our weekends working, we might remain single while our friends get married or we might end up having the picture perfect life!

So instead of making ‘to do’ or ‘resolution’ lists, I decided to dig up some quotes from the internet which will inspire us to dive in this new year of uncertainties.

1. A crown stands for power, confidence, elegance, style and prosperity. So enter the new year with an attitude like you own this world.

2. Single or engaged, do not think of yourself as a damsel in distress. Go out, explore the world, make new friends and tell yourself that you are lovely not lonely!!


3. People around you will try to control you, suppress your emotions, discourage you but don’t let them succeed. Always remember you are a human being with beauty and brain, not a machine with battery and remote.


4. No matter how busy you are, make sure you have time for yourself. Spoil your body and soul with books, clothes, good food and some meditation.


5. As I said, the year might not be perfect. So if you find yourself in the caught in the tunnels of depression, just hold on and be patient. Be with your friends and family and you will find your way to the wonderland.


6. Don’t give a damn about what people think. It’s their job and moral obligation to criticize you. Follow your instincts and be crazy.


7. Who says money can’t buy happiness? Even if you don’t have money, window shopping will always help you to keep calm and be happy.


8. The past is past. Don’t cry over your ex’s or the people you lost. Remember what their leaving taught you and embrace it with open arms.


9. Always listen to your heart no matter how stupid the suggestion will be. The heart way may have a lot of hurdles but at the end, you will find your utopia.


10. Get inked dude. That’s it!


11. No need to say anything on this one!!


12. Fat or thin? Who cares? Eat what you want. And those who keep an account of your food, invite them too. Let them taste the flavors life offer.


13. That’s the attitude I am talking about… Compliment those negative and annoying people or situations around you with these beautiful words.


14. Make your own decisions!


15. I will be writing this year about all those things which will go wrong and right. And those who will try to stop me, I’ll show them the attitude they deserve.


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