Travel Tunes


Now a day’s smart phone and various music apps have made it easier to make your own playlists. You can make playlists according to your mood. Romantic, patriotic, sad, rock, pop, jazz, dance, retro and so the list goes on and on. But many of us don’t have a ‘Travel Playlist’. When we are out […]

April 25, 2016

Mumbai: Eat, Pray, Love & Magic Beans


We have seen Julia Roberts’s trip around three countries in the world, discovering herself through the Eat, Pray and Love philosophy. The book and the movie inspired many of us to set ourselves on this kind of trip. But it didn’t happen with us. For any possible reason the plans kept lingering in our heads. But what […]

April 24, 2016

Better than The Taj Mahal


Sorry Mr. Shahajahaan but I don’t think that Taj Mahal is the most beautiful structure of the world. I agree that I haven’t seen the whole world to make such a rude comment but I have seen the Taj Mahal and today I saw CST. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus earlier know as Victoria Terminus is nothing […]

April 23, 2016

My First Short Film: पूर्ण सुट्टी

My Musings

‘पूर्ण सुट्टी’ ही माझी पहिली short फिल्म. मी सावित्रीबाई फुले पुणे विद्यापीठात DCS ला शिकत असताना बनवली. कविता महाजन ह्यांच्या ‘पूर्ण सुट्टी’ ह्या लघुतम कथेवर ही फिल्म आधारित आहे. एखाद्या साहित्यकृतीवर फिल्म बनवणे हे काही सोप्पे नाही हे मला ही फिल्म बनवताना प्रकर्षाने जाणवले. तरी हे माध्यमांतर जितके अवघड होते तितकेच ते करताना मजा देखील […]

April 12, 2016