5 Tattoos For The Writer’s Soul

My Musings / Saturday, January 14th, 2017

Everyone now a days wants to get inked. While some of us know exactly what they want, many spend hours thinking about the perfect design. A tattoo is something which stays with you life long. It’s a commitment far stronger and bigger than any relationship. People in our lives come and go but the ink on our body never leaves us. It supports, encourages, it never let you give up. That’s why instead of carving your own or your loved ones’ names, one should carve their real instincts. For a writer, there are many symbols, famous quotes and names available to ink on your body. But I have found these perfect pieces I believe every writer (who wants to get inked) should try.

The ink and quill

The pencil

To get inspired

For the twists and turns

Because there is a lot to say post ‘Happily ever after’….

I an getting one of these soon. Which one are you getting? or all of them??

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