Big Bad Words

Creative Writings, Poetry / Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

I have a big mouth with big bad words
So the people say when they mess with my world
When they dictate, pry and control
I easily name them ass hole!

The shady promises and the rosy dreams,
People offer rainbow cake with whipped cream
With sunshine and sunflowers we ride on white unicorn,
They turn into dragons when I refuse to share my precious crown
The rage takes over every inch of my cell
In that fraction I tell them go to hell…

The guilty pleasures I take leave my eyes wide open
A packet of condom with the mark of my devotion
Men or women I choose my player,
But then they call me slut that makes me a slayer!
I am the snow princess but they treat me as Rudolf,
I lose my temper and order to fuck off!

Then there are times when world stops fighting
I control my rampant and become a fan of hugging!
Finally the moment comes when I am about to say peace
But someone pisses me off again and I say mince meat…


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