Binge Watch Review: Big Little Lies

Binge Watch Review / Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Year: 2017

Genre: American Crime Drama Mystery

No. of seasons: 1*

No. of episodes: 7

IMDB rating: 8.6/10

Big Little Lies is a series based on the same named book by Liane Moriarty. All the 7 episodes were directed by Jean-Marc Vallee. The series won Golden Globe and Emmy awards in almost all the major categories. Though initially released as a mini-series HBO soon announced the second season following the popularity of the show along with the positive reviews from audiences and critics. This highly addictive series is a tale of women from Monterey. Women from different walks of lives are tied together with one common thread: their children go to the same school and are in the same class. And of course there is a murder mystery as a tight knot.

Jane Chapman is a young single mother recently moved into the small town with her son Ziggy, Madeline Martha Mackenzie is a strong headed woman with a teenage daughter from her marriage and a 1st grade daughter from her second husband, Celeste Wright is a retired lawyer and a good friend of Madeline who has two sons and a violent husband. Bonnie is also new in town and is married to Madeline’s ex-husband with whom she has a daughter. Renata Klein is another strong-willed woman whose daughter is in the same class with Jane, Madeline, Bonnie and Celeste’s children. All the women have very strong relationships with other. Shortly groups are formed in the mothers and their children are dragged into the ugly fights.

The series starts with a murder incident on a trivia night at the school. The murdered and the victim are slowly revealed as the story progresses. The writer and director develop the characters and their individual story lines very precisely. The series is the perfect thriller mystery drama. You have to watch it from the beginning to understand the end. Story tellers take us through the murder investigation step by step throughout three episodes. Every time the audiences are hooked with the question, who is killed and who is the killer? The story is never too predictable and surely not the main trivia question. The audiences keep guessing the victim and the criminal till they are actually revealed at that particular scene. But when its revealed, you suddenly get the feeling of eureka! The huge puzzle is solved and you realize the answers to your questions were in front of you all the time!

The mothers are respective partners go through family feuds, violent clashes, steamy sex scenes, public fights and are always engaged in gossip. Sometimes it makes you wonder whether you are watching Gossip Girl or any other teen drama after witnessing the fights and childish revenge plots planned by the mothers. Many secrets are revealed, many lies are told. Big Little Lies stand up to its name and take you through a journey of lies and their big little effects.

The leading ladies of big little lies

The series has got one a strong main and supportive cast. Reese Winterspoon as the alpha woman of the group is pleasant to watch and makes you sympathize with her character even though you know she is wrong. Nicole Kidman makes you introspect your own life and at the end teaches you that you and your passion are equally important as your husband/partner’s are. I believe that every woman out there can relate herself with Shailene Woodley as Jane Chapman because we are or have been as vulnerable and scared as her in our lives. The cast works its charms by breathing life into each character. Irrespective of in which country or city we live in, we are surrounded by these women. These ordinary women with extraordinary lives give us a message loud and clear: the chain of problems is unending. By the time you solve one, you’ll be faced with two more. But you don’t have to face them alone. Reach out, talk, share, express, communicate and help each other in facing live’s challenges. Being together will get you through any big little problem but being alone will make you vulnerable.

The season 2 will be there soon with Meryl Streep as addition to the cast. But for now my suggestion is binge watch the 7 episodes of Big Little Lies and indulge in the lives of suburban mommies surrounded by murder mystery.

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