Binge Watch Review: Dexter

Binge Watch Review / Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Year: 2006-2013

Genre: Crime drama mystery

No. of seasons: 8

No. of episodes: 96

IMDB Rating: 8.7/10

When someone used to says Dexter it always reminded me of the cartoon network show about a scientist kid named Dexter until I saw the serial killer Dexter. This American crime drama mystery series is set in Miami and revolves around Dexter Morgan who is a blood spatter analyst in Miami PD and a serial killer too. Giving a new meaning to the fairy tale’s favorite Robin Hood concept Dexter only kills those who manage to escape from the law.

Dexter Morgan is a psychologically troubled man. He was adopted by a policeman when he was a kid and has a half-sister named Debra Morgan. At one hand he is helping the police to capture criminals and at the other end he is killing criminals and dumping their bodies in the ocean where nobody will find them. He has dedicated his personal life to it. He faces many challenges professionally and personally while satisfying his ‘need’ to kill. He likes to work alone and being single makes it easier for him to hunt and kill. But eventually the stone hearted Dexter gives into his emotions a little bit and gets married to Rita Benett. Eventually they have a son too.

Over the course of 8 episodes many times the moment comes when Dexter’s secret is almost revealed. But he still manages to keep it in the waters by killing, hiding or manipulating. What makes this series more interesting is the encounters of Dexter with various serial killers and their challenges to him. These serial killers create puzzles and leave dead bodies for Dexter to solve them. Now Dexter working with police is seen confused many times as whether to kill these serial killers by himself or hand them over to the system. His cold calculated moves, stern looks and that crooked smile on his lips make you involved with him more and more. It doesn’t matter how good he is doing to the society, we know he is a bad boy but we still fall for him head over heels.

The writers of the series have brilliantly developed the character of Dexter. Some of the recurring and regular characters from the series could have been better but the sole character of Dexter fills all those loopholes. Michael Hall portrays Dexter with the intensity and charm of a real life handsome serial killer. Through out the series a viewer can witness her/himself getting in the clutches of Stockholm syndrome because of him. Julie Benz who played the role of Rita Benett balances Dexter’s life and is perfect in playing the damsel in distress whom Dexter saves and loves but not more than killing. Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter’s half-sister is a strong, independent police officer who wants to be successful in her profession and dreams to live up to the legacy of the police officer father. Here relationship with Dexter is adorable at the same time very complicated. She often gets trapped by Dexter’s enemies in the serial killing world.

Dexter Season 8

For the last two seasons Dexter sometimes gets predictable. I observed myself skipping through scenes or fast forwarding episodes in 7th and specially in 8th season. I strongly believe that the producers could have ended the series at 6th season but letting it on made it quite monotonous. The audiences keep running in the same circle of watching Dexter killing, being secretive and juggling with his job & personal life.

You should watch the series if you like to watch murder investigations and a very well written character of a serial killer. Don’t keep your hopes too high towards the end of the series but don’t miss on the 1st four seasons as well!

Trailer of Dexter’s 1st season:

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