The Mystery of Golden Age

My Musings

A few days ago I was watching Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen after a long time. The first time I saw the movie few years ago, I missed on many references as I was not familiar with various characters portrayed in the movie. Then I did some research and saw the movie again. Now […]

August 23, 2018

सौदी अरेबिया आणि वाहन चालवण्याचे स्वातंत्र्य!

My Musings

सौदी अरेबिया हा मध्यपूर्व आशिया खंडातील सर्वांत मोठा अरब देश आहे. सौदी अरेबिया तेथील तेलाच्या खाणी, मक्का-मदिना ही शहरे आणि चविष्ट खजुरांसाठी जगभर प्रसिद्ध आहे. स्वप्नवत वाटतील अशा उंच राजेशाही इमारती आणि सर्व प्रकारच्या अत्याधुनिक सोयीसुविधा असलेल्या ह्या देशात महिलांची अवस्था मात्र दयनीय आहे असेच म्हणावे लागेल. २०व्या शतकानंतर जगभर महिलांच्या हक्कांसाठी चळवळी लढल्या गेल्या […]

July 2, 2018

What My Body Wants

My Musings

What is it having a penis in What is it having a vagina on Is it just simple sex or Artificial complicated sexuality My brain tells me what my body wants My society tells me what my body should have I wanted to cry out loud and shatter the wrongful notions they set I started […]

December 13, 2017

It’s Time to Grow Up 90’s Kids

My Musings

I was born in 1993 which makes me a 90’s kid. Everyday I see at least 10 images or links bringing back the television, film, sport and other nostalgic memories from my childhood. I feel happy and linger in my nostalgia for a while when I read or see such things. But I have noticed […]

October 3, 2017

Why I hate Online Shopping Ads?

My Musings

In today’s world, everyone loves to shop and look fashionable. Everyone means women, men, children, infants and even pets. Quotes like ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ feels like an ancient language. Nowadays first impression is considered as the single most important impression. So obviously the things which affect your first impression become the […]

July 12, 2017

Big Bad Words


I have a big mouth with big bad words So the people say when they mess with my world When they dictate, pry and control I easily name them ass hole! The shady promises and the rosy dreams, People offer rainbow cake with whipped cream With sunshine and sunflowers we ride on white unicorn, They […]

June 28, 2017



Something raw, something old How i feel with garbage that’s old Its beautiful, its classy Its junk, its messy Reminding me of my soul It helps me to find a goal A collage of furniture It represents my mismatch nature But Merlin Monroe on the wall Convinces me not to fall Life around me looks […]

June 21, 2017

Pain and Pleasure


  The John and the Bentham are two sides of a coin 2 feet in one shoe, That’s the struggling life of the two! The Bentham is a chef, He measures everything with one aspect Pain and the pleasure are the cherry of his cake, He serves everyone right to avoid any mistake… The John […]

June 20, 2017



Vampires, witches, zombies, ghosts, Werewolves, hybrids and sirens… In the world is full of supernatural creatures I thought I was the only human! But then I looked inside myself To find the monsters stored on shelf… A dead soul, a wicked mind, Lazy feet in crowd leaving brain behind A hollow spirit which calls for […]

June 18, 2017

Getting In A Shoe!


Five pairs of shoes are wrapped into my shoe rack Each one holds a purpose there But they hardly ever held my feet… One is a red stilettos without a brand, without a label It helps me see the small across the table When those red belts snap around my feet, They make me feel […]

June 11, 2017