Getting In A Shoe!

Creative Writings, Poetry / Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Five pairs of shoes are wrapped into my shoe rack
Each one holds a purpose there
But they hardly ever held my feet…

One is a red stilettos without a brand, without a label
It helps me see the small across the table
When those red belts snap around my feet,
They make me feel sexy and slut in a minute
They can’t hide the scars I have on my left leg
Instead they make new once every time I walk on his spine belt!

Second are the dignified flats which I wore the most
They are now covered with stains, the gum and the threads
I wear them under long skirts and dresses
I believe its easier to hide scars under the long drapes..!

Third and forth are of the same genre
Those green-grey and blue-black shoes stuffed in a corner;
One is old and one is new
The signs of my laziness to wake up and brew!

The fifth is the ugly duckling
But I love him the most
He knows all my secrets so I wear him everyday with hope!

I see people walking by the road
And judge them by their shoes…
Unable to pin my hills in the crowd,
I realize I never saw myself from across the street
May be getting a new pair will make me bare
And I will finally know
I am nothing but a bleeding wooden leg with a bow!

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