Why I hate Online Shopping Ads?

My Musings / Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

In today’s world, everyone loves to shop and look fashionable. Everyone means women, men, children, infants and even pets. Quotes like ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ feels like an ancient language. Nowadays first impression is considered as the single most important impression. So obviously the things which affect your first impression become the essentials!

We are told since childhood that to look better, one has to have a clear skin, clean clothes, neatly combed hair and tidy shoes. These are the basics and can be managed in anyone’s budget no matter how rich or poor you are. But the real challenge comes when you get ready in your own way to dazzle the world with your first impression and suddenly an ad pops on your laptop or tab or TV or smartphone saying if you DON’T use this specific product, your first impression won’t last. That cleverly crafted evil capitalist and suddenly makes you the ugliest duckling in the world.

Your skin is not so clean anymore because it’s brown, tanned, has pimples and blackheads (which you never realized before). And most importantly you have not done the ‘no make up’ makeup look before stepping outside! You belong to a lower middle class or poor family because your perfectly ironed kurta is not so perfect anymore as you got it from your city’s famous street bazar a year ago and it has touched your skin for more than 5 times (It doesn’t matter how much you like the fabric or colour). You won’t get any guy’s attention if you are going to tie your hair in a single braid. You should at least use shampoo, conditioner, serum, hair mask, hair mist, hair gel and other 12 dozen hair oils. On top of that, kick off your comfort zone and keep your hair open. The above-mentioned products will take care of the damages made by wind, sun, rain, sweat, dust and other tangling agents. And most important part of your first impression, are your shoes! Because whoever is meeting you for the first time doesn’t care about you. That person rather cares about what shoes you are wearing! So you should have matching shoes for every single pair of clothes you have!

These very direct messages are delivered to us by a number of online shopping portals through social media or traditional media forms. They give us the broad messages asking us to be yourself, to be who you are and meanwhile very swiftly they slide ‘their’ message saying if you use our product you’ll be yourself if you use our product you’ll be who you’re. They tempt us to buy all those products which we clearly can’t afford to buy. The next thing we know is that we are left with filling carts afters carts on different sites and the shopping bookmarks and apps on our laptop screens and phones keep growing. At some point, we realize that we have entered the haunted house of Frankenstein monster but it’s too late to back off now. We have already fallen in love with him & his disillusioned house and believe that whatever he says is right. So we keep looking, keep filling the carts, keep checking our bank balance at the end of each month, keep feeling sad and vulnerable for our poor wardrobe, keep wishing for more and more and more…

Even I fell for that Frankenstein a long time ago. Like any other person, even I like to flaunt new purchases. Sometimes my cautions help me to say no and stop me from falling for these ads. But sometimes to save myself from the imaginary judgmental looks in other people’s eyes I give into the fake social pressure and BUY!

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