The Half Told Stories of FRIENDS: Joey’s Dramatic Reading

My Musings / Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Episode title: The One With The Cake

Season 10 episode 4

We all remember what happened on Emma’s first birthday party. Everyone was leaving and it was a total chaos. But at the end everything got better and Emma had her weird cake with her parents and their crazy friends. Everyone got gifts for Emma that evening except Joey. So Joey decides to do a dramatic reading on the spot from one of Emma’s book. In the episode, Joey jumps from first page to the last page of the book. I always wondered what happened in between those pages that made everyone so emotional. But then my mystery was solved when I accidentally laid my hands on the book! I was so happy and so excited that I read that small book immediately, keeping aside all my important work. When I finished it, I felt my eyes going wet. It was worth a read.

So here I am sharing the images from the book telling what happened inside:


And Joey’s reading:


P.S.: Pardon my shaky photography skills!

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